Felix Wildlife

Who We Are

F.X. Felix Wildlife Solutions is a privately owned and operated business ran by Francis Felix which specializes in quick and clean removal of a wide variety of problematic animals in and 

around Lehigh Valley, Montgomery, Bucks, Berks and Northampton Pennsylvania counties. 

To get in contact with us, please visit the contact page.

Spring means babies.. aren’t they cute?

We are quickly heading into spring, no matter how much snow is outside. The coming of spring means that whatever critter that has set up a den site in your attic, under your deck or in your shed, will soon have 3 to 5 little ones. Squirrels average 3 

babies twice a year, raccoons 3 to 5 and skunks have been known to have up to 8. 

That's a lot of stink! If you're are smelling skunks at this time of year, than most likely you have a female in heat that is fending off suitors. She’s waiting for Mr. Right then babies will follow. Our philosophy is to help our customers deal with one problem before it becomes many. We have successfully removed squirrels from attics, basement and walls before the mothers gave birth. We have live trapped raccoons from attics before they contaminated the insulation and had their litters. 

We specialize in removal of most species in our area prior to litters being born. So if you’re are seeing, hearing, smelling or noticing tracks going in and out of your property, home or business give us a call. We are always available to answer your wildlife related questions.